Anna Moschovakis Responds to Mina Pam Dick’s “First Person of Truth”

@4:47                         Some learn the meaning of “if and only if” by taking Symbolic Logic in college. My brother and I learned it from our parents, who used it routinely as a bargaining tool: You may have ice cream for dessert if and only if you unload the dishwasher. Now anyone can learn it from reading p.67 of Mina Pam Dick’s Delinquent. But who will explain to me why it is abbreviated iff and not, for example, ioi, iaoi, or simply if, since to the child who wants ice cream, doesn’t it amount to the same thing?

@4:53                        Poetry that enacts philosophy is inclusive; poetry that references philosophy is exclusive. If enacting, then inclusive, therefore, by contraposition, if exclusive (i.e., not inclusive) then not enacting. Poetry pertaining to life or living is non-philosophical. But brave, not tired. That is enacting. To keep trodding over the same ground, &tc, and still―

@6:12                        I understand the point of writing. But making it public? Where is the sense in that? A friend said to me.

@6:16                        Failure and doubt are old hats. One blocks the sun but heats the head. The other feels like nothing but lets in the rain. Where is Clara when you need her.

@6:17                        Wine makes reasoning weak. More wine makes weakness reasonable. Too much wine = you made your Eden, now you have to sweep it.

@6:25                        All aesthetics are impure and fail―they want to deny themselves. Wrote Mina Pam Dick. Except she spelled it “ascetics.”

@6:26                        I met Mina Pam Dick, a.k.a. Hildebrand Pam Dick, a.k.a. Nico Pam Dick, et. al., simply as “Pam,” several years ago, and we talked about our shared experiences studying philosophy in college, and about loving philosophy differently, as in differently from professional philosophers, especially analytic philosophers, who always want to know where you stand, even or especially when you are standing right in front of them. I know so little of professional philosophy that I can’t tell, from reading Delinquent, how much Mina Pam Dick knows, or doesn’t know, of professional philosophy.  Pam is smaller than I am and has an invigorating yet soothing presence, charisma.

@9:42                        It occurs to me that my memory of the content of my first discussions with Pam is in no way reliable. Doubts can snowball.

@9:43                        I have six in-boxes, four physical and two virtual. Cumulatively, they measure over one thousand, one hundred and one inches tall (were I to venture a guess). If I attacked them tonight, I would have no time left to spend with Delinquent. Delinquent, moreover, requires more concentration than the majority of the content of my various inboxes. I want to choose Delinquent, but the in-boxes have me fooled. Form = a way of acting.

@9:53                        A new form need not be unprecedented to be new. Details matter, such as time codes,  the very image of time. Delinquent time, deviant time.

@9:58                        Such as the flipping of an E along its vertical axis ( = “there exists”).

@10:02                        Actually, I’m not sure when exactly I was introduced to the notion of “if and only if” and its abbreviation, and whether it had to do with ice cream at all. I do recall owning a t-shirt as a child with a formula on it that read, or at least began, “There exists an X such that E, E and X.” We called the shirt “Ex-Teex,” and everyone in the family had one.

@10:03                        There exists a Delinquent such that electrodes firing in the brain, electrodes firing in the brain and Delinquent.

@10:04                        Thus groan, think, look―here in the leaf-strewn garden (Mia).

@10:14                        P is for the art of transmission. Not-P is for―

@10:16                        Physics, not logic. The point of making it public: There’s matter in this Eden, gather it up.

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3 Responses to Anna Moschovakis Responds to Mina Pam Dick’s “First Person of Truth”

  1. Jared Schickling says:

    Man, what great responses. Loving every bit of this. This book…
    Almost like to see all this between the actual covers…
    Over and over, congratulations.

  2. David (Michael) Wolach says:

    Very much agreed, Jared…. as a former professional philosopher (er, logician in training?) I’m tickled by the juxtaposition of David/Mina and Pam/Mina = metaphysics of the I (syllogism) meets the entailment of enactment (jumping out of one’s – several’s – skin). & The playful rot of us in gathering up, which is to say emptying out, denoted first by finding that yrself is over there (mud, THAT body), then by enacting the time-stamp, a sort of market-madness overlay (monetized panic). Also tickled by the image of all three standing around in a dirty, not so well lighted place, amidst a gaggle of analytical philosophers, many holding drinks, some playing pool to get closer to Searle. And the three, puzzled, glad to be together, asking with SK to the room (in a whisper so that only those who desire to will hear it): “where’s your libido?” … the three undeniably charmed, yet a tad frightened, and so retreating post-colloquium into a unit of measure, talking of etymologies, making word play, and planning, which is to say, enacting, a flirtatious picket @ round midnight.

    I love it. All of this. Maybe I’ll go back to school if only to enact that wonderful-awful feeling I get reading these flashes…

  3. David (Michael) Wolach says:

    oops… first line I meant “and Anna/Mina…”

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