David Brazil Responds to Mina Pam Dick’s “The Scrapped Book of Minna Maude Ingvar”

Tall young man with a shaved head indicating gullibility, not radiation.

The Platonic dialogue Parmenides dramatizes a discussion between the aged Eleatic philosopher of the same name, and the young Socrates, who is advancing one version of his theory of the transcendental Forms.

My room has dandruff.

In the course of his elenchus, Parmenides asks Socrates to clarify whether each and every thing in the world can be said to have a Form: “Are you also puzzled, Socrates, about cases that might be thought absurd, such as hair or mud or dirt or any other trivial and undignified objects?  Are you doubtful whether or not to assert that each of these has a separate form distinct from things like those we handle?” (130d)

… but where was her bush?  Pubic hair another consequence of the fall.

Trivial and undignified objects.  (As though this “by nature.”)

Adam and Eve were both redheads, or else Adam was a redhead, Eve a blonde, or else Adam was a redhead, Eve a brunette.

As against what can achieve philosophical dignity (“clear and distinct”).

Amschel was a brunet.

The epigraph to Delinquent, from Kierkegaard’s pseudonym Johannes Climacus, makes clear that we shall be reckoning in this text with the question of philosophical dignity: “It is with the subjective thinker as it is with a writer and his style; for he only has a style who never has anything finished …”

Soul patch vs. knee patch.

The problems, then, of the subjective, of style, and of the fragmentary.  And as well with the very figure of Kierkegaard, about whom Alain Badiou writes that he is unimaginable “without our being informed of the detail of his engagement to Regine [Olsen].”  Meaning that his philosophical project is inextricable from the details of his love life.

YeahHe has a ponytail.

Starting then to delimit by example what is traditionally excluded from philosophy’s proper, and to fashion out of what’s called undignified (signally, that which has to do with bodies) a new expanded picture of the matter out of which a proper’s built.

I no longer allow them to use a razor on the back of my neck.

(Interpolated italicized passages are excerpted from Delinquent.)

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