Julianne Buchsbaum Responds to Page 26 of The Source

Julianne Buchsbaum is a Humanities Librarian for English, Philosophy, and Classics at the University of Kansas.

Sentences taken from page 26 of random books on my desk at work and into which I randomly inserted the words “The Source”:

It would have made your heart ache to be in The Source yesterday and see the empty niches, where Athene, and all the glorious ring of Zeus once stood.

His poetic voice proceeds to describe The Source together with other clashing sounds, before remarking, incoherently, by way of double negative.

Thou to the last / Didst cling, kiss fast, / Yet art thou past / Beyond me, in the hollow of The Source.

Katharine and Edith enjoyed walking along the edge of The Source, but they never really crossed the line.

The semiotic significance of feminine traits, in other words, is fundamentally altered through their appropriation by The Source.

To what extent does imaginative reading or “performance” of The Source supply us with adequate secular versions of the postulates of faith?

The remnant, in terms of both psyche and society, is not a part of a whole but rather the opening beyond the “police order” of The Source.

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