Jess Mynes Responds to Page 26 of The Source

Jess Mynes is a Reference Instruction Librarian and Technical Services Coordinator at Mount Wachusett Community College.

A dispatch from the Penny Dreadful series, Mynes’ own numerology-minded sourcing experiment.  In his own words: “I went through pulp novels, keeping the titles, using text from the novels, page 5, 55, 110, 155 and riffing with the text until the poems became mostly my own language, while hopefully incorporating and keeping some of the tenor of the original work. I wrote 55 of these and the manuscript is broken into 5 sections.”

The Stubborn Heart
On its man-made hill, serene as a Greek temple
tonight is proud, even the casual visitor is
alive, withdrawn and waiting. The spider-cranes,
endowed silver flashes contrasting the silence.
The mulatto barber labored an hour,
sideburns that would not disgrace a Western desperado,
completely dressed and ready to answer wartime.
This spray of bougainvillea in the clean morning light, like
meat just off the butcher’s hook,
from muskmelon to red cabbage and Rebel cotton pausing.
Fears justified against how to make the high-hip amputation,
an invitation to rock the bullet in his head, last clot hindering vision,
logic escaping the surface of the dazed moment.
Murderous glow, that unexpected charge.
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