Halie Theoharides Responds to Page 26 of The Source


1.     If they can’t see the aura no one trusts you

2.     Tide pools must also live in fear

3.     Gold rays in Swampfield

4.     I am found to be a Crystal child

5.     A group of scientists turn me down

6.     Tell me I’m wrong about the ocean

7.     Is it sort of secret

8.     Discrete Time-Signals

9.     An Act To Strengthen Efforts

10.  Account for Roanoke

11.  Past Times in Pittsfield 

12.  My Aura Washes Off

13.  I may have claimed the wrong shore

14.  It is like lilies up here

15.  The falcons come later

16.  I was hoping for Indigo

17.  More questions about sand dollars

18.  Lost in the catalog

19.  More questions about copiers

20.  This is the shape I dreamt I was

21.  You walk so heavy

22.  Call back the northern lights

23.  Through cloudy Plexiglas and crying

24.  I’m squinting at traffic on the hill

25.  My side of the river is a fairground

26.  I must ferry you across

Halie Theoharides is a librarian at the Sunderland Public Library and the Dickinson Memorial Library, both located in Western Mass.
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