Kickstarter + Futurepoem = You and Dana Ward Write a Poem Together

And that’s just one perk of contributing to Futurepoem through our new Kickstarter campaign.  You could also get Camille Roy to write a poem about the twisted dominion of behavior for your local police force.  Or have Alan Gilbert read at your birthday party.  Or, well, start brainstorming yourself:

Futurepoem Kickstarts!

As you read this, two new titles are starting to kick in the guest edited belly of Futurepoem’s unique Open Call and our two selections from last year, Jon Leon’s The Malady of the Century and Frances Richard’s Anarch., are brilliantly shifting into material form.  If that weren’t enough, Dana Ward has been working day and night on a new ravishment concocted directly with Futurepoem (and post!) editor Chris Martin.

Let’s do this.





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