Michael Basinski Responds to Page 26 of The Source

UFO ABDUCTION OF 26 A’s, E’s, I’s, O’s, and 16 U’s
in order as they appear(ed) in THE SOURCE.
Notice in the first section how an “i” in the word:
thinking escaped UFO abduction by disgusting herself
as a professor of Modernism.

Th S rc s r sp ctf l f tr d t n, y t gr nd d n th ss rt n th t
t sp ks m ny v ws w th m ny v c s, t rn ng n ct l m g nt n
ll s ry n by th nking t ss st th s n n p rf rm ng ts d ly rn y
cr ss th sky.

Wh n th S rc s f rm d nd xpr ss d n w rds, wr t ng, t s tr , h s
sh p d t, b t th sp rit f the S rce—the cre tive rge it represents, the feeling it expresses and ev kes, and even in l rge p rt its s bject m tter, c mes fr m nly tw w rds: ‘is’ and ‘ re.’

Thus, r sol r system spir ls into higher orbital freq ency, and there is no more of the babble we’ve loved and co nted among our blessings.

Michael Basinski is the curator of The Poetry/Rare Books Collection of the University Libraries, State University of New York at Buffalo.

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