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Chris Nealon Responds to Rachel Levitsky’s “Love Everyone”

Rachel Levitsky’s The Story of Our Accident is Ours is an interesting book. It feels at once like the product of a very specific moment, the economic downturn of 2008, and the activism the downturn inspired, but it is also … Continue reading

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K. Silem Mohammad Responds to Alan Gilbert’s “Outpatient Procedure”

Close readings are iffy lately, but I will write to you anyway because I was given this book, Alan Gilbert’s Late in the Antenna Fields, a book that gives me a sense of icy but colorful gratification. What I mean … Continue reading

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Rod Smith Responds to Ara Shirinyan’s Your Country Is Great

Notes toward a Note on Your Country Is Great At the recent visit of Canadian poets to U Penn, after a talk on conceptualism by Jeff Derksen, following on a comment by Christian Bok, the poet-critic Chris Nealon made the … Continue reading

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